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Healthcare in Malta

Good news! The healthcare system in Malta is one of the best in the world and above all: its cheap! The good thing about Malta is that English is the native language. Especially with health related issues it will save you a lot of time and misunderstandings.

Emergency? Always call 112.

Doctor Visits and Pharmacies

Almost every pharmacy on the island has doctors available between certain hours. Visit a nearby pharmacy to check when somebody is available. A visit to a doctor in a pharmacy is about 10 euro excluding the drugs you will have to pay for. Even small towns have pharmacies as products like Paracetamol / Panadol are not available in your local grocery shop. Most hotels and restaurants will also refuse to give you Panadols as its against the law.

Most pharmacies in Malta still celebrate their siesta! This means that they will be closed between 1PM and 4PM. Pharmacies will be closed on Sunday – usually they hang up a paper with the closest open pharmacy nearby (they roulate).

Hospitals and Clinics

There’s only one major hospital in Malta: Mater Dei. Besides the main hospital there’s a couple of smaller private clinics like St. James in Sliema and the DaVinci hospital in Birkikara. Funny enough, you can find the same specialists in all hospitals. If you have something small: give the private hospital a call to see if they have somebody available, this will spare you a lot of waiting and frustration. Don’t you mind spending some time at the hospital? You will get the same treatment, doctor and service in the Mater Dei.

Dentists in Malta

Malta is also a destination for Dental treatments due to good quality of work against a reasonable price. We have good experience with Drs Demajo dental and implantology clinics in Ta’Xbiex. They have many on-side dentists and even their own lab in case it’s a bit more complex.

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