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Getting Around

Fortunately Malta is a very small island thus getting around is easy. The following ways of transportation are most comon for foreign visitors.

  • Car Rentals
  • Public Transport
  • Taxi
  • Hop-on – Hop-off buses

Alternatively you can hire a scooter or Quad bike for the day, they also have rental bikes but we do not recommend this unless you would like to see the Amazing hospitals Malta has to offer. Also, driving yourself can be risky on the Maltese Island. All cars are right-handed and the traffic can be chaotic from time to time. Most foreign visitors avoid driving theirselves at all cost.

Trip to Gozo

Gozo is an amazing island to visit as holiday destination but also as a day-tour. Most package-holidays have a rep. to sell day-packages, but it’s easy to get around t

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